Top Agent Academy

Top Agent Academy: Real Estate Apprebticeship Program

Video: Introduction of Top Agent Academy: The World's First Real Estate Apprenticeship.

The First Ever Real Estate Apprenticeship Program Launch your real estate career with mentorship that will assist you in multiplying your transactions. If your answer is yes to any of the following questions then you should consider an investment with Top Agent Academy that will yield you many returns in your career.

- Do you lack appointments for listings?

- Do you need assistance setting listing and buyer appointments?

- Does your broker invest their time, money, and skills to your achievement?

- Will you make a stand and take action to create true wealth for you and your family?

What is Top Agent Academy?

Top Agent Academy is a real estate apprenticeship program created by Philip Simonetta, P.A. to truly revolutionize the real estate industry one agent at a time. After many years in real estate, business, finance, and consulting, Philip defined the need for in depth training of the real estate industry. After many years of training in endless routines with the same trainers and company propaganda, out of frustration Philip created this program for his own group and is now offering it to you, brokers, and companies.

What makes Top Agent Academy different then other training programs around for years?

Top Agent Academy is an intense 30 Day Apprenticeship Program held physically in Miami, Florida. You will be mentored and worked with one on one in creating real estate systems and applying them physically to your everyday operation. ? Philip & you will set and complete listing & buyer appointments together. (shadowing)

You will shadow Philip from contact to contract learning every detail of the process. ? For more information on the details of the program please contact Philip Simonetta, P.A through email at [email protected] There will be a short application for you to complete prior to your interview.

Who is Philip Simonetta, P.A.?

- Philip Simonetta, P.A. is Realtor, Author, Radio and Reality Show Host He has created the real estate industries first hands on apprenticeship.

- Philip is the founder of The Simonetta Group of Charles Rutenberg Realty. (

- Philip is the author of “The Silly Rabbit In Your Head” and “ The DNA Of Success” 1) 2) and 9 other real estate industry books.

- Philip is the founder of The Real Estate King Radio Show & Reality Show.

- Philip is business partners with many different organizations and a consultant on projects across the United States.

- Philip is the Founder of Real Estate Against Bullying, Inc,

- Philip is the owner of South Florida Cash Home Buyers.