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Will your business be affected by these changes?
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If you're a marketer or in type of sales, this will affect your business if you use FB advertising.
Don't worry its not the end of the world.
What does this exactly mean??
There are 3 different ways to target audiences on FB:
  1. What someone tells Facebook: Age, gender, hometown, marital status, etc.

  2. How they interact with Facebook: Likes, comments, sharing of posts, using Facebook to log into services (i.e. uber eats, ) 

  3. Off-Facebook Data: This data is from 3rd parties (This is what's going away)

The data such as household info or purchase behavior is gathered by 3rd parties which FB purchases.
What data were they purchasing?
Financial behavior such as credit cards consumer's were using, income, spending methods, political views, and etc...this was viewed as a privacy issue.
You will still be able to target audiences. The target audience information is now going to come through whatever data FB picks up on it's own. FB picks up data from users by how they engage, websites clicks, pages they liked, or any information that is given by the FB user.
What kind of targeting will you be able to do now?
You're going have to use FB targeting methods, by targeting pages of interest of your target audience. Make sure you figure out who or what your target consist of. The more precise the better.
For Example: If you're targeting people who are about to get married, because they might be likely to buy a house soon, you would target them through pages they've liked or engaged with that have to do with weddings (ex: the knot, wedding planner, etc)
You can also still use your database list but it must be an opt-in list. and also target those who have visited your website, blog post or pages.
The partner categories will be going away on May 24th, BUT if you have active campaigns running with the 3rd party targeting now, you can run your ad until October 30th, 2018. The ad must be paid for and running by May 24th!
If you want to take advantage of the 3rd party category, I suggest you build an audience NOW, and start running those ads before the 24th.
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Will your business be affected by these?

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